Are There Benefits of Physical Therapy?

Are There Benefits of Physical Therapy?

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The Benefits of Physical Therapy: Pain Relief and More

Physical therapy is beneficial to people from all walks of life. Whether you’re trying to recover from a sports injury, strengthen your muscles, or find pain relief due to working conditions, physical therapy can help. But, if you’re still unsure of how this treatment option can help you, let’s look at four benefits of physical therapy.

1. Promotes Pain Relief

Most patients are prescribed or recommended physical therapy to help with pain relief. From herniated discs and age-related conditions to chronic illnesses and wear-and-tear, there are many reasons one may seek professional help. Both therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques help restore muscle function and lessen pain. Common treatments include ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation, stretching, and strengthening exercises.

2. Improves Mobility

When dealing with joint or muscle pain, patients often report a decrease in their mobility. As a result, they might experience trouble standing, walking, or moving around their home and workplace.

Physical therapy helps to improve mobility through stretching and strengthening exercises. In addition, stretching tight muscles and stiff joints will help you regain your range of motion. A physical therapist may even recommend an assistive device such as a walker to encourage movement.

3. Prevents Injury

Although many people think of physical therapy after they’ve suffered from an injury, it can also help to prevent them. Athletes often suffer from sports or overuse injuries due to muscular or skeletal weakness. A physical therapist can perform an examination to determine which areas are prone to injury. Then, they work to create a plan to strengthen the muscles.

4. Improve Balance

As a person ages, the risk of falls often becomes higher. Part of an initial screening can determine the level of fall risk a patient may have. If they are at high risk for falls, a physical therapist may provide exercises to safely challenge their balance. These exercises will mimic real-life situations that could result in a fall. They may also prescribe an assistive device and suggest at-home exercises to improve coordination.

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