Can Physical Therapy Help Sciatica?

Can Physical Therapy Help Sciatica?

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One of the most common forms of pain, Sciatica is most prevalent among adults between the ages of 30 and 50 years old. In fact, as many as 40% of the population will experience sciatic pain in their lifetime.

If you’re one of the many people affected by sciatic pain, you may be wondering: Can physical therapy help sciatica?

Can Physical Therapy Help Sciatica? Real Answers from a PT

Fortunately, physical therapy is a highly effective solution for sciatic pain. While medication, steroid injections, and minimally invasive procedures are sometimes necessary to treat sciatica, many cases can be resolved with physical therapy. Continue reading to learn how PT relieves symptoms, heals underlying causes, and prevents flareups of sciatic pain.

Passive PT Relieves Pain

Sciatica is characterized by intense discomfort radiating from the lower back through the legs. Through common practices such as deep tissue massage and laser therapy, passive physical therapy aims to resolve this pain by reducing inflammation and relieving tension in your muscles. As a result, patients experience fewer symptoms of sciatica and are able to move forward with active physical therapy.

Active PT Improves Flexibility and Strengthens Muscles

Though exercise may seem counterintuitive, active physical therapy is paramount in healing sciatic pain. Depending on a patient’s underlying cause of sciatica, as well their level of pain and overall conditioning, a physical therapist will prescribe a series of therapeutic stretches and exercises to improve flexibility and strengthen muscles. In doing so, patients will experience less tension around the sciatic nerve and more stability around the spine.

Functional Training Prevents Flareups

A common rehabilitation technique, functional training reintroduces daily movements, such as lifting, carrying, and squatting. The goal is to practice healthy movement patterns in your everyday activities, as to avoid a resurgence in sciatic pain. As a result, patients can go about their day-to-day responsibilities without causing further complications.

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From severe discomfort to the inability to walk, sciatica can be one of the most debilitating forms of pain. Luckily, physical therapy is a highly effective solution that not only reduces pain, but also heals underlying causes and prevents flareups. If you’re ready to live a pain-free life, contact us today for a free consultation!