Hamilton, NJ Physical Therapy Clinic (With Pictures)

Hamilton, NJ Physical Therapy Clinic (With Pictures)

Hamilton, NJ Physical Therapy Clinic (With Pictures) 2500 1667 All Cure

Physical Therapy Clinic in Hamilton Township, NJ 08691

For those looking for a physical therapy clinic in Hamilton Township, NJ—stop your search! You’ve found the right place.

Debating If You Need Physical Therapy?

Whether you are being sent by your doctor or are experiencing chronic pain, physical therapy can help you recover. But what many people do not know is that you don’t need a referral to go to a physical therapy clinic. New Jersey has a law that gives patients direct access to physical therapists. All you have to do is find a PT clinic that accepts your insurance!

How Can Physical Therapy Help Me?

Physical therapy (PT) is commonly thought of after an accident, injury, or surgery. While PT is still necessary after those incidents, it can also be extremely beneficial for the everyday person. Here are the top five reasons why a person may seek a physical therapist:

  • Neck, back, or spine pain
  • Wrist or hand pain, including arthritis
  • Chronic knee pain and discomfort
  • At risk for falls or loss of balance
  • Limited range of motion or flexibility

Specialty Treatment Available in Hamilton, NJ

If you are experiencing a more chronic or serious ailment, you may require specialty treatment. Our Hamilton physical therapists can provide the following treatments:

  • Micro-Vas Treatment: A pain-free, 15-minute treatment to help those suffering from neuropathy
  • Spinal Decompression: A non-surgical, decompression therapy to help relieve chronic back or neck pain
  • FX 635 Laser Treatment: An advanced technology laser that provides inflammation and pain relief to various parts of the body

What Happens During a Physical Therapy Session?

Most physical therapy clinics will do an initial phone screening before your first session to determine the cause of your visit and how they can help. However, some will provide an in-person consultation, so you can meet the staff and see the facility first. At AllCure, we always offer free consultations and x-ray imaging when necessary. Imaging is an important part of treatment, as it’s one of the many ways progress can be tracked.

After a screening or consultation, your physical therapist will start you on some exercises that you can perform during your sessions and at home. Depending on why you need physical therapy, you may be treated with using equipment as well. Consistency both during sessions and outside of the clinic will be crucial to your recovery!

How Long Does Physical Therapy Last?

Each physical therapy session is typically one hour and occurs once or twice a week. However, there is no one answer for how many sessions you need. For some, pain relief can be found after one to three sessions. However, it’s more common for treatment to last between 6-12 weeks. Longer treatment is often required after an accident, injury, or surgery. However, there are some cases where physical therapy can last up to a year. If you’re interested in learning more about treatment plans for your specific ailment, call one of our physical therapists today: (609) 528-4417

Why Choose AllCure as Your Physical Therapist?

AllCure Spine and Sports Medicine is conveniently located in Hamilton, proudly serving the greater Mercer County area. We also have a Monroe and Somerset location, so our patients can still receive the best treatment if they are in Middlesex or Somerset County. Each of our facilities are fully staffed with physical therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists, as well as new equipment and furnishings. Please contact us directly by calling our Hamilton office or reaching out online to schedule your first free consultation.