Professional Injury Prevention Screening in Monroe & Hamilton Townships

Individuals tend to treat problems as they arise, but being proactive about your health can help prevent problems before they start. To help patients head off potential issues, Allcure Spine & Sports Medicine has developed a free comprehensive injury prevention screening to evaluate the risk of an injury. Evaluations can be performed on anyone from an older adult to a young athlete with the goal of reducing the risk of future injury.

What Is an Injury Prevention Screening?

Injury prevention involves an evaluation for risk of injury through the identification of impairments in functional movements. This total body assessment includes an in-depth look at joint and muscle alignment and screens areas of the body whether or not you are experiencing symptoms of pain or discomfort. At Allcure Spine & Sports Medicine, screenings include a number of different observations that include subtle ways your body is telling you that certain areas need to be addressed.

  • Muscle length imbalances
  • Joint and leg length
  • Posture habits
  • Walking gait mechanics
  • Bending and lifting movements
  • Motor planning behaviors
  • Use of assistive devices

What Are the Main Benefits?

Injury prevention evaluations can find potential problems and help you correct them before they lead to injury. In general, it is much easier and less invasive to prevent an injury than to correct an injury once it occurs. If you are an athlete, early identification and prevention can lead to improvements in performance capabilities due to a maximization of physical functions. For all patients, correction in identified problem areas reduces the chance these issues can lead to future pain.

What Happens After a Screening?

If your injury prevention screening identifies areas of concern with movements, pain or other imbalances, you can choose to take action to prevent the chance of future injury. In some cases, an x-ray of the area is performed, and goals for joint alignment are set so progress can be monitored. Treatment can involve exercises and stretches that can be performed at home to help with imbalanced joint and soft tissue concerns as well as tight muscles. Follow-up appointments could include physical therapy or other modalities to address the areas of concern.

Why Choose Allcure Spine & Sports Medicine?

If you are having specific pain or alignment problems or if you would like to make sure you are not at risk for injury from physical activity, schedule your injury prevention screening with Allcure Spine & Sports Medicine today. Our innovative practice provides educational solutions for patients looking to prevent injury reduce pain using a multidisciplinary approach to physical health.

Why Choose AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine?


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