Learn how our manual therapy techniques by experienced massage and physical therapists can help you restore normal joint function, relieve pain and improve blood circulation. Manual therapy uses a number of techniques to physically mobilize soft tissues and joints. At AllCure Spine and Sports Medicine, we utilize two hands-on manual therapy options: soft tissue work and joint manipulation.

Whether caused by a sports injury, accidental fall or everyday use and stress, your joints and muscles can undergo a significant amount of strain. If your joints and muscles are painful, unusually sore or you aren’t able to experience a full range of movement, talk to one of our professionals today to determine whether manual therapy may be right for you.

Soft Tissue Work

When your soft tissue is sore, painful or you suffer from decreased mobility, a soft tissue massage can often restore functionality and reduce pain. This work is done one-on-one by a qualified physical therapist to ensure proper stretching, relaxing and healing techniques. A soft tissue work treatment can be beneficial if you’re experiencing pain from one of these common causes:

  • Overactivity
  • Poor posture
  • Sports injury
  • Other life stressors

These are just a few ways that your joints and muscles may be damaged. At AllCure Spine and Sports Medicine, we’ll discuss your personal experience and help identify the source of your injury, create a personalized treatment plan, and discuss your soft tissue work options.

Joint Manipulation

Another way that our trained physical therapists promote healthy movement and restored functionality to your joints and muscles is joint manipulation. This manual therapy technique helps restore proper alignment in your knees, ankles, hips, spine or shoulders. After joint manipulation treatment, you should begin to see a return of your healthy, comfortable range of motion.

This treatment option is performed by our skilled and qualified massage therapists and physical therapists. You’ll receive hands-on treatment by experienced therapists who work with you to provide individualized care for your joint or muscle pain or movement issues.

Why Choose Allcure Spine & Sports Medicine

When you work with a dedicated team of highly trained professionals, you’ll enjoy stress-free care. Our physical therapists understand the proven effects of manual therapy and can help you determine which type of manual therapy is best for your specific situation. Whether joint manipulation or soft tissue work, you’ll receive quality care and personalized treatment. If you’re ready to learn more about manual therapy, or talk to a physical therapist about your treatment options, schedule an appointment today.

Why Choose AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine?


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