Massage Therapy Monroe TownshipSports massage is a category of massage therapy specializing in the treatment of athletes and athletic injuries. However, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy all the tremendous benefits of a relaxed mind and body which deep tissue and normal massages at our Monroe & Hamilton Township NJ Sports Medicine clinic offer.

It encompasses the following categories and concepts:

The techniques used are varied

It takes into consideration the training program

It is focused on the muscles, injuries and problem areas (pain you are experience)

Various techniques are used:

Our massage therapist chooses what techniques are deemed necessary to treat you, the patient after carefully understanding your needs and wants. Massage doesn’t limit itself to one technique but mixes styles and takes from different forms of massage to achieve a particular goal. Stretching is almost always included, as it is an important part of sport therapy.

The various techniques used are, amongst others:

deep tissue therapy

myofascial release


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