Physical Therapy Monroe TownshipAllCure Spine & Sports Medicine is a one-on-one, patient-centered physical therapy clinic serving Monroe & Hamilton Township and Middlesex County NJ. Our unique approach to rehabilitation helps patients recover faster with better outcomes. Every patient receives:

A full body mechanics analysis

Manual therapy techniques for accelerated recovery

Injury prevention screening

Innovative exercises and stretching plans

The team of therapists and specialists at AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine believes that every patient is a complex case that deserves the full attention from a doctor of physical therapy each treatment. For that reason, we do not use physical therapy techs or aides.

Each treatment session advances therapeutic progression by using different exercises and therapy techniques to continually support the body to recover faster and stronger. Injury typically involves secondary and tertiary compensatory strains on the body, leading the patient to believe multiple injuries are occurring. Our rehab specialists address the injury as a full body condition. We incorporate multiple strengthening techniques and continual evaluation to heal the injury at hand, as well as prevent future injuries from occurring. In addition to treating the patients’ symptoms, we believe in fixing the foundational problem which has led to the injury.

All doctors at our Monroe & Hamilton Township facility are certified in multiple disciplines within the umbrella of physical therapy. In addition to advanced knowledge of rehabilitation, our therapists incorporate strength and conditioning protocols to re-condition the whole body to prepare our athletes for performance.

Education is a key component to continued health and wellness. Our patients progress through each session learning why and how the treatments performed are going to help them get better. During each session patients are taught exactly what to do at home to continually progress their recovery!

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