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Physical Therapy Helmetta who have more than 30 years of combined experience in physical therapy, orthopedics, sports medicine, strength and conditioning, and personal training. They have built a team of experts who combine evidence-based methods in physical therapy and exercise science to create individualized rehabilitation, fitness, sport performance, and injury prevention programs.


Services We Offer:

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

Are you having pain?

If you are having pain, research supports that you should GET PHYSICAL THERAPY FIRST because it has been shown to get you better faster and save you time and money on unnecessary tests and medicine.

Are you having surgery?

We hope you tried the right physical therapy first, because it has been shown to be the best way to avoid surgery while producing the same results at times. Research has also shown that people needing surgery who first get physical therapy, or “pre-habilitation,” have much better results and recover faster.

Are you having trouble with a sport, exercise, daily activity, or balance?

Physical therapists are the experts in analyzing and correcting dysfunctional movement in everyday life and in sports. At AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine, we use the most current research and concepts to find and fix joint problems, soft tissue issues, and muscular imbalances.

Do you want to improve your athletic performance and/or reduce your risk of injury?

We provide elite-level sports performance and injury prevention using the same multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach that professional athletes use.

Do you want to move, feel, or look better?

We have created Enhanced Personal Training that combines a movement and strength analysis from one of our expert physical therapists with the best exercise science from our strength and conditioning specialists or personal trainers. This allows us to create a customized fitness program that is safe and effective.


At Physical Therapy, our team of professionals utilize manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and modalities to formulate a non-traditional rehabilitation program specific to your recovery needs. We abide by high-quality care, space, and comfort offering personalization and a deeper integrative approach to rehabilitation. The Rehab Phase stresses restoration of physical movement and reinstatement of independence.


The second phase of the Triple Play Program focuses on teaching and instructing on proper exercise techniques, bio-mechanics, and muscular movements. Here we administer baseline testing to track your improvement.


The purpose of this last stage is to get you to compete at the highest level of performance, stressing your kinetic engine. We will fine tune your skills so that you’re ready for competition.

Here are just a few of the areas we service:

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