Physical Therapy HightstownAllCure Spine & Sports Medicine provides physical therapy and occupational therapy at our two convenient locations in Hightstown, incorporating manual therapy, movement re-education, and prescriptive exercise to help restore and maintain function and mobility. Whether your goal is to recover from a debilitating injury, return to a sport you love, or maintain strength and fitness as you age, AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine can help you achieve freedom through movement.


Services We Offer:

Founded more than 15 years ago with a vision for providing personalized and one-on-one care, the specialists at AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine continue to deliver focused, one-on-one physical therapy care to ensure your fastest and greatest recovery. Our physical therapists also collaborate with our highly trained team of massage therapists, personal trainers, fitness instructors and counselors to go beyond recovery and assist you on your journey to health.

You’ll always work one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist—no aides or assistants—creating the shortest distance from where you are today to a more active life.

When your physical therapist’s focus is on you for the entire treatment time, you will receive more attentive care. At AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine, your physical therapist combines expertise with your unique needs and lifestyle—no one is more qualified to help you understand the cause of your pain and what your body needs to return to normal activities. We don’t utilize aides or assistants because we know they would use up time you could be with a licensed physical therapist who is focused on you.

Let AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine help you find your way out of the health care system and back to health. Our clinicians are dedicated to promoting optimal health and well being through the expert application of manual therapy, movement re-education and prescriptive exercise.

Here are just a few of the areas we service:

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