Physical Therapy South BrunswickAllCure Spine & Sports Medicine Physical Therapy is a privately-owned clinic offering personalized rehabilitative care to individuals with neuromuscular and musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

We are committed to excellence by providing quality, cost-effective, outcome-based physical therapy. It is of utmost importance that our patients are treated with respect and friendliness in a professional, caring environment.

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Services We Offer:

Clinician education is a cornerstone of our practice with all therapists being licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy and Certified Manual Therapists.

Their extensive manual therapy background provides them with a distinct advantage in the mastery of joint mechanics and muscle physiology. This enables them to treat joint and soft tissue dysfunctions in the most effective manner possible.

The goals of the AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine for
Physical Therapy are to relieve pain, optimize functional performance, provide education regarding injury management and prevention, and empower each patient to take an active role in their own care.

It is the combination of clinical expertise, genuine care, and strong community reputation that differentiates South Brunswick AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine for Physical Therapy from its competitors.

South Brunswick AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine for Physical Therapy provides physical therapy to address pain, loss of motion, balance problems, neuropathy, fatigue & lymphedema for cancer patients and survivors.

Many survivors have difficulty enjoying the activities they did before their diagnosis. Oncology The therapists at AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine for Physical Therapy are committed to helping them return to work, leisure, and sports. Our therapists have special skills in treating problems unique to cancer patients such as post-mastectomy shoulder and back pain, lymphedema, chemotherapy-induced neuropathy, cancer-related fatigue, axillary web syndrome, fat necrosis after reconstruction, fractures, and difficulty moving due to CNS tumors.

Physical therapy begins with a complete review of the patient’s cancer diagnosis and a thorough examination of their problems. Therapy sessions usually involve “hands-on” techniques such as soft tissue or joint mobilizations to decrease spasms or increase movement, and specific activities designed to increase strength, motion, or coordination. We understand the unique problems associated with a diagnosis of cancer and know how to work within a patient’s limitations while going through cancer treatment. Our patients are guided through each therapy session with sensitivity, skill, knowledge, and compassion.

Here are just a few of the areas we service:


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