Sports Physical Therapy for Student Athletes Near Me

Sports Physical Therapy for Student Athletes Near Me

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4 Common Seasonal Sports Physical Therapy Treatments in NJ

Athletes put extreme wear on their bodies, from little leaguers to pro-players. Anybody that goes through repeated motions, pressure, or movements can suffer from pain or discomfort. This type of strain on the body can hinder performance, decrease flexibility, and stop athletes from playing their game. To keep players off the bench, it’s crucial to keep up with sports physical therapy, whether they’re experiencing pain or have suffered an injury.

Here are four common sports physical therapy treatments:

#1: Pre- and Post-Surgery

Unfortunately, many athletes endure extreme injuries that require surgery. Some examples include:

  • ACL tears
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Labral (shoulder) repairs
  • Achilles tendon repairs
  • Meniscal injuries

In these extreme cases, a surgeon may require pre- or post-surgery physical therapy. A trained physical therapist (PT) could put together a treatment plan to prepare your body for surgery, such as strengthening muscles. Then, they could get right into a post-surgery plan to help shorten recovery, such as regaining movement and flexibility in the injured area.

#2: Muscle Strengthening

While many athletes want to become muscular and strong, there are actual techniques to muscle strengthening that can help prevent injuries. Often after surgery or an injury, muscles become weak and cannot perform as they once could. For example, an athlete may not be able to put the same amount of weight on their leg or handle the same training. A PT knows how to strategically increase muscle strength without causing additional strain on the body.

#3: Stretching and Joint Mobilization

One of the most important things to do after an injury is resting. However, long periods of rest can often result in losing range of motion or stability. A physical therapist can recommend the right amount of rest and movement to help the recovery process. Stretching is a huge part of recovery, as it keeps the body flexible and at a normal range of motion. Think about kicking or throwing a ball. Also included in joint mobilization is regaining balance and increasing stability. Especially for those suffering a leg, knee, or ankle injury, proprioceptive training is crucial.

#4: Sport-Specific Training

Many experienced physical therapists can help athletes with sport-specific training, including:

  • Parachute sprinting drill
  • Ladder agility training
  • Resistance side stepping
  • Single leg jumps
  • Treadmill workouts

Sport-specific training allows physical therapy to be used as a tool to help boost in-game performance. This way, a PT can focus on where the athlete is struggling and work on needed areas of improvement.

Sports Physical Therapy in New Jersey

AllCure provides sports physical therapy throughout New Jersey in our Monroe, Hamilton, and Somerset locations. We’re experienced working with student athletes from the middle to high school level for sports, including soccer, football, tennis, track and field, swimming, baseball, and more. To learn more about our services, schedule a free consultation with us online.