Top 4 Football Injuries Seen by Physical Therapists

Top 4 Football Injuries Seen by Physical Therapists

Top 4 Football Injuries Seen by Physical Therapists 670 466 All Cure

Most Common Football Injuries and Treatment for Student Athletes

Football is one of the most played sports by student-athletes. While the sport is loved by many, the injuries that result from it certainly aren’t. With football season picking up, here are five of the most common football injuries and their treatments.

Ankle Sprains

Your ankles are used in every type of movement, and they take on a lot of pressure in sports that involve running. Unfortunately, the nature of football makes it all too easy to suffer from an ankle sprain.

Treatment: Athletes suffering from ankle sprains are encouraged to follow the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation), and some may even be prescribed a brace or splint to help the ankle heal.

Hamstring Sprain

A hamstring sprain is described as a sudden or sharp pain behind the thigh, where the hamstring muscle is located. This injury generally occurs during running or after engaging in a high kick or sudden stretching movement.

Treatment: Depending on the severity of the strain, it’s recommended to follow the RICE method and avoid bearing weight on your leg. The athlete can also engage in strengthening and stretching exercises to help rebuild the muscle and increase flexibility.

Knee Injuries

There are three types of knee injuries commonly seen in football players. They are:

  • ACL tear: a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament
  • PCL tear: a tear of the posterior cruciate ligament
  • Meniscus tear: an injury to the part of the knee known as the meniscus

Treatment: All three of these injuries often require surgery to repair the tear and then physical therapy to rehabilitate the area.

Rotator Cuff Strain

The rotator cuff helps to support your arm at your shoulder joint. A strain to this area causes pain in the shoulder and a tearing sensation. In addition, patients often report feeling that pain is radiating down their arm.

Treatment: A strained rotator cuff needs about two to four weeks to heal. Patients can apply the RICE method to the area to reduce pain and swelling. They may also wear a sling to isolate the arm and prevent unnecessary movements.

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