Watch: Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease Helps

Watch: Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease Helps

Watch: Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease Helps 670 466 All Cure

Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease Helps Patient Recover

Physical therapy for Parkinson’s disease can help patients recover. Watch this video of a patient who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease improve their gait pattern. After several sessions with AllCure, the patient was able to get back into golfing again.

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The Best Physical Therapy Exercises for Parkinson’s Disease

1. Balance

Often, Parkinson’s disease can affect a person’s balance and gait. Practicing balancing exercises, such as leg lifts and stability ball training, help to regain balance and the confidence to walk. A physical therapist will be able to assess a patient’s walk and see where the lack of balance lies and if they are overcompensating for their gait.

2. Stretching and Flexibility

Those with Parkinson’s disease can develop a tight hip flexor, hamstring, or calf muscle. For this reason, consistent stretching is crucial to improve flexibility and range of motion. Many times a physical therapist will recommend certain stretches for the patient to perform at home or throughout the day.

3. Strength

Parkinson’s disease and age can deteriorate a person’s strength and cause muscle weakness. Depending on the patient and the stage of their Parkinson’s, a physical therapist will use different types of strength exercises. These are typically performed either with resistant bands (body weight) or lightweight dumbbells.

Contact AllCure for Parkinson’s Disease Physical Therapy

If you or someone you know is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease in New Jersey, contact AllCure today. We’re able to create personalized physical therapy routines that target your areas of concern. Call (732) 521-9222 to learn more.