Why Physical Therapy Before Surgery Can Help

Why Physical Therapy Before Surgery Can Help

Why Physical Therapy Before Surgery Can Help 1280 850 All Cure

Why Physical Therapy Before Surgery is Important to Recovery

Most people assume that physical therapy is only necessary after an operation—however, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sometimes referred to as “prehabilitation,” pre-operative physical therapy is an often-over-looked aspect of the recovery process.

In addition to preparing the body for orthopedic surgery, physical therapy before surgery can reduce recovery time, minimize pain, and help patients adjust to life after an operation. Continue reading to learn more about why physical therapy before surgery can benefit your situation.

Reduce Recovery Time

One of the most notable benefits of pre-operative physical therapy is reducing your recovery time. In fact, a study cited by the American Physical Therapy Association found that even just one or two physical therapy sessions before surgery can mitigate the need for post-operative care by nearly 30%.

Minimize Post-Operative Pain

Post-operative pain is often a major struggle for those who undergo orthopedic surgery and can lead to the abuse of prescription pain killers. Fortunately, there are natural methods to relieve post-operative pain, such as participating in physical therapy before surgery. Doing so will not only minimize pain, but also help with soft tissue recovery.

Prepare for Post-Surgery Life

Life after surgery can be a difficult adjustment. In addition to enduring the effects of an invasive procedure, patients must adapt to the requirements of their recovery—whether it’s walking without assistance or strengthening muscles they previously haven’t worked out. Fortunately, pre-operative physical therapy allows patients to become familiar with various exercises pivotal to their recovery.

Eliminate Surgery Altogether

Believe it or not, participating in physical therapy may eliminate the need for surgery altogether. While it’s a rare occurrence, hard work and focused physical therapy may yield impressive results. Surgery is only advised if absolutely necessary, so patients should never pass up the opportunity to circumvent an operation.

Prepare For Surgery with AllCure

The recovery process from an invasive surgery can be a long and arduous experience. Not only is it a painful rehabilitation journey, but surgery can have a lasting impact on the quality of a patient’s life. Fortunately, there are methods of improving the recovery process and minimizing the pain of post-operative life. If you or someone you know is expecting to undergo surgery, contact AllCure for pre-operative physical therapy. In addition to reducing pain, physical therapy before surgery can help patients heal faster and prepare for post-surgery rehabilitation.