Best Occupational Therapy Near Hamilton, NJ

Best Occupational Therapy Near Hamilton, NJ

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AllCure Announces Occupational Therapy Services Near Hamilton, NJ

Do you have a debilitating pain, injury, or disability that has a constant hold on your everyday life? Does this illness or condition prevent you from caring for yourself, completing minimal tasks, or thriving at school or your job? It’s time to consult a highly skilled occupational therapist to relieve your suffering.

Occupational therapy, or OT, restores quality of life to patients experiencing physical, cognitive, or sensory issues, helping individuals develop, recover, and maintain skills needed for an enjoyable and optimal existence. Below are a few reasons you may need to see an occupational therapist.

1. Your Fine Motor Skills are Becoming More Unreliable

Fine motor skills include precision, dexterity, and coordination of our hands. These critical skills let us use our hands to manipulate objects like pencils, scissors, containers, shoelaces, etc. When these skills decay, it can be hard to care for oneself and participate in outside activities. Through effective occupational therapy, patients can develop areas like bilateral coordination, arch development, pinch and grip strength, finger isolation, thumb web space, separation of the sides of the hand, and opposition. For instance, OTs will have the patient stack coins, squeeze a therapy ball, shape therapy putty, tear up construction paper, or perform other similar tasks.

2. You’re Losing the Ability to Recognize Visual Cues

If you suddenly struggle to spell or read words you once knew, write with neat and legible handwriting, or use hand-eye coordination, you may need help with your visual perceptual abilities. Visual perceptual skills let us organize and interpret the information we spot and give it meaning. It’s not what our eyes see but how the brain analyzes what our eyes see. Letting these issues manifest is never a good idea, as it can lead to more severe problems.

Conditions that can cause these limitations include, but are not limited to, a stroke, brain tumor, brain injury, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and encephalopathy. Fortunately, an occupational therapist can help you work on vital mini skills, such as visual memory, form consistency, figure-ground, visual discrimination, and visual closure. Occupational therapists have the environment and resources to help you re-develop and treat your declining skills back to optimal performance.

3. Your Five Senses Aren’t Responding as Usual

Do you or your child have an aversion to light, taste, texture, or sound? Extreme sensitivity to these stimuli can mean that your sensory processors are in disarray, meaning all your senses, or just one, are having difficulty receiving and processing information. Hand in hand with an occupational therapist, you can gradually train your nervous system to become used to the selected stimuli and respond appropriately. With gently structured, repetitive treatments and activities, you or your child will learn to process and react to sensations more efficiently.

4. Problem-Solving Leaves You Completely Overwhelmed

Whether you’re paying attention to the television, evaluating an incoming email, or remembering to take a shower, you’re using your cognitive skills. But if those skills have become damaged, it can be immensely frightening because you will have serious trouble with tasks that were easy before, like learning a new language or topic, remembering what your boss said, or even organizing your pantry. Everything will seem difficult.

Struggles with said skills can be pinned to an injury to the brain due to trauma or developmental delays. Thankfully, occupational therapists have the potential to build and preserve your long-term cognitive well-being. Early identification of these impairments will improve your quality of life, especially in areas like working memory, speed of information processing, sustained attention, response inhibition, pattern recognition, and much more.

Occupational Therapy Hamilton NJ

AllCure Spine and Sports Medicine is proud to announce we’ve expanded our services to include occupational therapy at our Hamilton office. Our experienced OT can help you achieve the impossible, one step at a time. Contact us today for a free consultation.