Knee Physical Therapy Treatments

Through knee physical therapy and chiropractic care, AllCure Spine & Sports Medicine will help diagnose the problem through examination and advanced imaging. Call us today!

About Our Knee Treatment Plans

Not all knee pain requires surgery. Knee pain is one of the most common complaints that patients will suffer from within a wide variety of age groups. We will help diagnose the problem through thorough examination as well as advanced imaging. Our treatment plan can ease your muscle and joint pain. You’ll work with a licensed professional who uses a variety of methods to help strengthen your muscles and make your body feel and move better. Some things you might need are stretches and exercises, ice and heat, ultrasound massage, electrical nerve or muscle stimulation, and laser treatments.

Pre and Post-Surgery Therapy Techniques

Common Knee Treatments and Services

Decrease Knee Osteoarthritis Pain

Decrease pain caused by osteoarthritis in the knee with a multi-faceted treatment plan to prevent surgery and chronic knee pain.

Treat Meniscus Injuries

Our Physical Therapists specialize in treatment and preventing meniscus tears through evidence-based strategies for knee rehabilitation.

Total Knee Replacement Post-surgical Rehabilitation

After a total knee replacement, our Physical Therapy team will help improve range of motion and strength in the knee to get you back on your feet.

Knee Replacement Exercises (After Surgery)

Knee Services We Provide

Prevent ACL Sprains and Muscle Strains

Dynamic strength and flexibility assessments to see if you are at risk for ACL or other ligament tears in the knee.

FX-635 Laser Treatments for Knee Pain

FDA approved laser treatments help increase cellular metabolism and decrease pain and inflammation in the knee.

Improve movement mechanics and prevent injury

Find tips and tricks to help your bending and squatting mechanics to prevent injury/pain in the knees.

How We Fix Knee Problems With Our Multidisciplinary Approach

Prevent Hamstring Strains and Ligament Sprains

Learn which stretches are most efficient to help decrease the risk of hamstring strains and ligament sprains for athletes.

Kinesio Taping to Decrease Patellofemoral Pain

Utilize Physical Therapy and kinesio taping to improve tracking of the patella and patellofemoral pain syndrome.

Improve Muscle Flexibility and Strength

Physical Therapy helps increase strength and flexibility to prevent progression of knee arthritis.