Chronic Lower Back Treatment Options – Without Surgery!

Chronic Lower Back Treatment Options – Without Surgery!

Chronic Lower Back Treatment Options – Without Surgery! 1280 960 All Cure


Pain in the lower back becomes chronic when it persists for three months or longer. Let’s take a look at some of the common causes of chronic lower back pain.

Arthritis of the spine – caused by the gradual thinning of cartilage or inflammation of joints

Spinal stenosis – nerve or spinal cord pain caused by the abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal

Disc related problems – slipped or herniated discs between the spinal bones

Although lower back pain is commonly related to aging, it can also be the result of a prior injury. Keep reading to find out what your options are for chronic lower back treatment without surgery!

Discover the Right Chronic Lower Back Treatment for You

If you are looking to avoid surgery, or maybe are at an age where it isn’t an option, there is an alternative remedy – conservative therapy for chronic lower back pain treatment. Conservative therapy is lifelong, lifestyle changes that improve and manage symptoms. Here are the top nonsurgical treatments you can start doing today.

Rest and Meditation

While sitting or lying down for long periods of time can cause flare-ups and stiffness, there is such a thing as useful resting. Try lying on your back with a pillow under your knees or bent at a 90-degree angle by propping them on a chair to relieve pain. The key is to induce activity in short periods of time to stimulate the muscles in your back.

The frustration brought on from experiencing chronic pain can cause just as much impairment on your lifestyle. By adapting meditation into your daily routine, you can take your mind off of your pain points and focus on restoring your mental health.

Heat and Ice

The use of heat or ice compresses can often relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and increase mobility in the lower back, according to the NINDS.

If you do not have an ice pack at home, a bag of frozen vegetables works just as well to place on the pain point in your back. Regardless of what you use, always be sure to wrap the frozen material in a towel to protect your skin from frostbite. To safely ice your back, apply for only 20 minutes at a time, several times a day.

Heat, in the form of a traditional pad or disposable patch, may work for your lower back pain as well. This is known to loosen tight muscles that are causing pain and tension. Although you can leave heat on for longer periods of time than ice, always be sure to turn or take off any heat source before falling asleep to avoid burning your skin.

Alternative Treatment Options

Many patients report stiffness flare-ups in their lower back. Exercise is the best way to combat this. However, if you are unsure what exercises are helpful or what might do more harm, it’s in your greatest interest to reach out to a professional physical therapist. This way, exercises can be tailored specifically for you, your lifestyle, and your pain points.

Physical therapy, along with chiropractic care and acupuncture, produce the most results for lower back pain. Fortunately, for those suffering from this discomforting ailment, AllCure Spine and Sports Medicine specializes in all three of these chronic lower back treatment options. Reach out to our specialists today to schedule your free consultation!