Shorten Your Meniscus Tear Recovery Time with AllCure

Shorten Your Meniscus Tear Recovery Time with AllCure

Shorten Your Meniscus Tear Recovery Time with AllCure 1920 1280 All Cure

These 3 Treatments Can Improve Your Meniscus Tear Recovery Time

Picture it: You’re dominating the tennis court and just nailed your signature backhand slice, sending the ball flying down the court. You step back and realize your knee is painfully locking. You signal to your opponent to stop the game, limp slowly to the sideline, and sit down, trying to straighten your knee to no avail. You touch the sore area with your fingers and are met with some swelling. What’s happening?

It’s possible you have a torn meniscus, or on the c-shaped shock-absorbing pad between your thighbone and shinbone. Naturally, with any injury, it takes time to recover. However, we have four effective treatments that can speed up your meniscus tear recovery time and get you back in the game.

1) The RICE Method

While the method may include the term “rice,” it’s important to clarify that it doesn’t stand for the food rice. Instead, it’s an abbreviation meaning Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It is a simple, self-care method that can help reduce your swelling, ease the pain you’re feeling, and speed up the healing process.

First, you should rest as much as possible. Second, apply an ice pack for 15-20 minutes every two to three hours during the first few days following your tear. Third, wrap the area with a medical bandage to subdue the swelling. Fourth, lift the sore part of your body up on pillows or a soft surface that’s level with your heart to prevent any throbbing or continued soreness.

2) Acupuncture

If you’re looking for a more natural recovery method, acupuncture is the way to go. In case you’ve never tried it, acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method by which very thin needles are inserted into your skin at strategic points of your body, effectively used to treat pain, restore wellness, and reduce stress.

These points stimulate your nervous system, releasing chemicals into your muscles, and can activate your body’s natural healing abilities and speed up your recovery. Depending on the severity of your tear, the amount of treatments you’ll need may vary.

3) Physical Therapy

If your doctor recommends seeking physical therapy, what’s in store for your recovery? Our physical therapists will set you up with a daily routine of exercises aimed to strengthen your muscles, expand your flexibility, improve your range of motion, and increase stability. These vital exercises will buff up the muscles surrounding your knee, like the front thigh muscles, to dramatically reduce the stress on your knee, as well as return balance and help prevent another knee tear.

Start Your Meniscus Tear Recovery with AllCure

If a meniscus tear is left untreated, you could suffer from serious complications that may not heal as fast as you want. It’s time to make proper treatment and rehabilitation an upmost importance for your long-term health. Our dedicated therapists and staff at AllCure have the tools and knowledge to help make your recovery process as easy and quick as possible. Contact us today to learn more.