Why is Exercise for Senior Citizens Beneficial?

Why is Exercise for Senior Citizens Beneficial?

Why is Exercise for Senior Citizens Beneficial? 670 466 All Cure

How Exercise for Senior Citizens Can Play is Crucial to a Healthy Lifestyle

No matter your age, physical exercise is never a bad idea. However, as we age, engaging in a routine of exercise becomes increasingly important. Regular exercise for senior citizens can improve both mental and physical health, making it crucial to living a healthy lifestyle.

Decreased Risk of Falls

Senior citizens are at a much higher risk for falls than younger adults. Regular exercise for senior citizens enhances mobility and flexibility, which helps to improve balance and coordination. It also helps to prevent bone loss and contributes to higher bone density. This, in turn, reduces the risk of falls.

Even if a fall occurs, a higher bone density will lower the risk of broken bones and promote faster healing times. With stronger bones, senior citizens can maintain their level of independence when living alone.

Improves Mental Health

Sleep goes a long way to improving your mental health. Engaging in regular exercise helps to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper during the night. This means waking up feeling more refreshed with a positive outlook on the day.

Exercise also produces natural endorphins that work to reduce feelings of sadness, anxiety, and depression. Feeling strong can even help to improve self-esteem and boost self-confidence.

Improved Respiratory and Cardiovascular Function

It’s common to experience decreased levels of respiratory and cardiovascular function as we get older. Consistent physical activity lowers the risk of diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. It also helps to reduce blood pressure. When the heart and lungs are strong, the respiratory system can fight against any threats that could cause illness.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

As we age, our metabolism naturally starts to slow down. This makes maintaining a healthy weight more of a challenge. Living a sedentary lifestyle can cause you to pack on unwanted pounds. Participating in regular exercise helps boost metabolism and build healthy muscle mass, which aids the body in burning more calories.

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