Why You Should Try Electric Therapy for Neuropathy

Why You Should Try Electric Therapy for Neuropathy

Why You Should Try Electric Therapy for Neuropathy 670 466 All Cure

Chronic nerve pain, also known as neuropathy, can be debilitating. It often occurs after a direct nerve injury or medical problems such as carpal tunnel, diabetes, or even shingles. Patients report feeling pain, numbness, burning, or tingling sensations in their feet, legs, or hands.

However, many patients have found relief from their constant pain through electric therapy. This drug-free treatment helps nerves repair and regenerate, substantially lowering a patient’s pain levels.

How Electric Therapy Can Help Manage Neuropathy Pain and Discomfort

Electric therapy, otherwise known as micro-vas therapy, is recognized as a safer option for patients as it’s a pain-free treatment that poses no risk. Of course, patients who are pregnant or have a pacemaker should always check with their doctor before embarking on this treatment.

The main goal in managing neuropathy pain and discomfort is to control pain levels while guiding the body back to a healthy state. Neuropathy causes reduced blood flow and oxygen deprivation in the feet and legs, leaving the nerve cells without much-needed nutrition. The stimulation caused by electric therapy provides these areas with nutrition and oxygen to reverse the damage.

During this treatment, the brain releases a large number of endorphins. Since these endorphins are created and regulated by your body’s own chemistry, there are no negative side effects to this release. The impact of this is an increased sense of well being for the patient, and they leave the therapy session in better spirits. This rush of endorphins also reduces pain and anxiety levels throughout the body.

After their sessions, patients report better emotional states and reduced neuropathic pain for up to six hours following treatment.

Research has shown that electric therapy plays a large role in reducing secondary pains as well. Patients who experience nerve pain may also suffer from inflammation in their feet and legs, and electrotherapy works to combat this. After their first treatment, patients report initial relief that only increases with more micro-vas therapy sessions.

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