Physical Therapy and Surgery: Before or After?

Physical Therapy and Surgery: Before or After?

Physical Therapy and Surgery: Before or After? 670 466 All Cure

The Importance of Physical Therapy and Surgery in the Recovery Process

Most patients know the importance of physical therapy and surgery. However, many don’t know that physical therapy before surgery, or prehab, is just as important as post-surgery recovery. Here are five reasons why both prehab and rehab after surgery are essential to recovery.

Improves Strength and Mobility

Surgery can negatively affect the strength and mobility levels in the body. The body wants to protect the area of trauma, which can cause it to develop limited ranges of motion. Stretching exercises focused on improving motion will help tremendously. In addition, performing specific strengthening exercises for the core, back, and pelvis will make the core stronger and even improve your body’s overall balance.

Helps to Break Up Scar Tissue

Scar tissue build-up is often the culprit of decreased range of motion and flexibility. Physical therapy helps to break up scar tissue to get the body working the way it should. A physical therapist can teach specific exercises to break up scar tissue and minimize its development.

Alleviates Pain and Swelling

The most common symptoms after surgery are pain and swelling. Swelling is a normal part of the healing process after surgery, but this doesn’t mean it’s a pleasant feeling. Reducing the swelling at the point of surgery promotes healing and reduces pain. Performing exercises during physical therapy will help ease swelling and prevent pain from becoming persistent.

Reduces Surgery Complications

Complications like blood clots and infections sometimes occur after surgery. These complications can be painful, costly, extend a patient’s stay in the hospital while being managed. However, specific physical therapy movements and exercises can speed up the healing process and help to prevent these complications.

Shortens Time in the Hospital

Physical therapy before your surgery can shorten your time spent in the hospital, as it speeds up post-surgery recovery. Since prehab focuses less on improving flexibility and more planning for recovery, patients can return home much faster. Not only does this result in savings, but patients often enjoy recovering at home much more.

Physical Therapy and Surgery: Get Help at AllCure

If you’re planning to or have already gotten surgery, you’re likely aware of the benefits of physical therapy. Let AllCure help you speed up your recovery time before and after surgery and get you back on your feet. After an initial evaluation, we will work with your doctor and you to create a physical therapy program unique to your needs. Contact us online to learn more.